Frequently Asked Questions
Cost of First Visit?
  For Weight Loss Services: Please call the office for details.

For General Medicine:
This is difficult to answer completely. However, in general most New visits fall within $79-$150 if no in-house treatments or tests are required. If your visit is fairly straightforward and simple you can anticipate the lower end of the scale.

First time visits to any clinic usually cost a little more due to the time and resources it takes to generate a chart, gather insurance information, as well as the additional time often needed to gather a medical history. It also depends on multiple factors to include how complicated your problem is, number of problems discussed, physician time required, in-office tests and treatments required etc. Please be aware that because of the work involved to prepare for your visit, you will need to cancel your appointment at least 24 business hours ahead of time to avoid a fee, which will be required prior to further appointment scheduling.