Frequently Asked Questions
What type of meal plans do you have?
  RiteWeigh to Health includes 3 broad categories of meal plans

  • VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). A VLCD is an inspiring weight loss program designed to help you lose more weight and faster than can be obtained from other programs short of surgical options without the inherent risk of surgery. The plan uses nutritious meal replacements that replace the guess-work of all regular grocery foods. It allows one to lose on average from 3-5 pounds per week for those who qualify. Mandatory weekly weigh-ins, dietary journaling and periodic lab is necessary to achieve optimal results safely.
  • LCD (Low Calorie Diet). A LCD program is less aggressive than a VLCD and allows for a more gradual weight loss over a longer time period (averaging 1-2 pounds per week). This type of program can be beneficial for those who can't qualify for the VLCD due to medical reasons or simply prefer not to do without grocery foods to the degree a VLCD would require. This is also the preferred approach for those who can't commit to weekly weigh-ins, but still need to lose the weight. Although weekly weigh-ins are not absolutely mandatory they are highly encouraged. Also, the plan requires a little more effort with personal food selections from our menu of choices.
  • Modified VLCD. This plan combines the effectiveness of a VLCD with one restricted grocery meal for those who need to have at least one"regular" meal per day while keeping meal replacements to facilitate all the other benefits of the program. This plan is a favorite.

Calorie count:  Your total calorie meal plan will be designed together with you based on plan qualifiers, as well as your needs, desires, strengths and weaknesses. Although unusual, it can be modified if you start to struggle for some reason. We are going to do whatever we can to keep you on track toward your weight loss goals.