If you suffer from allergies you may want to consider getting tested for allergies. We have two types of testing available to us.

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Inhalant Allergies (Hay fever type)

We can test you for the most common forms of inhalant type allergens for this area with a simple and easy office test that takes about 20-30 minutes and is covered by most insurance.

From these results we are then able to formulate allergy drops that help develop your immunity against those specific items you are allergic too. The drops are easy to take, can be taken at home, and in many cases are a greater benefit than with allergy shots which require regular injections, extra time and are usually much more costly.

The benefits may include not just feeling better, but also decreased loss of productivity and decrease in the cost of over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications. We have many patients that have experienced wonderful benefits and in such an easy manner.

Allergy Drops Instead of Allergy Shots? Click here for a study by Johns Hopkins University

Food Allergies Or Sensitivities

Many people suffer from chronic symptoms that may be very difficult to treat and live with. Common examples may include irritable bowels, reflux, fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, anxiety or irritability and a whole host of other symptoms that may be due to a sensitivity to foods that the person has no idea their body is intolerant too.

In this case a simple blood test may be performed and sent to a specialized lab that can help determine if your body may be reacting negatively to certain foods. Based on these results a food plan can be provided to help you find from your list of positives, which ones are the most problematic and should be avoided completely and which ones you may just need to decrease the frequency and/or amount of intake.


"My asthma was out of control. I could not do anything. Now that I take my allergy drops for a year, my health is a lot better and life is great. Taking the drops is so easy. I took allergy shots and that was a pain; I had to go to an office and get a shot and wait for 15 minutes. I do my drops every morning at home and I have recommended the allergy drops to everyone I talk too. The process was so easy to get tested and get the allergy drops. Yes, I would do it again if I had to do it again." Chris Holder

"Twice a year I missed a week of work due to 'seasonal' allergies. I wasn't even able to see well enough to drive. All during early spring to mid-summer and then early fall to early winter I spent a fortune on multiple OTC medications. It was common to take 3 anti-histamines to dry my eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing. I had tried allergy shots twice for a year each time with no appreciable difference (at another office). I thought I'd be spending $$ the rest of my life. After 3 months (on the drops) I was using only half as many OTC medications. After 1 year I don't use any meds frequently; less than once a month except during my semi-anual exposures. And, even then only one OTC med once a day for less than a week!! I use fewer meds (saving money), fewer 'sinus infections', less suffering, and no embarassing days. I recommended them to my daughter and she started taking the allergy drops too." Michele Clark



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