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Get Excited Again & Start Losing Weight Today!

Our premier weight loss program, RiteWeigh to Health, was developed by our own board certified physician in Obesity Medicine to help you lose those stubborn pounds, by providing a simple, safe and results oriented program for you to lose on average 3-4+ pounds per week with our flagship program. Although this program is designed for those needing to lose 30-80 pounds or more, we have customized programs around both smaller and more ambitious goals and needs, and for those wanting to avoid the risks inherent in surgical options. Your life is busy so we developed a program that is simple and removes the complexity and guess-work out of losing weight.

Set Yourself Up For Success.

As a true medically managed program you can expect to succeed, and usually without the need for weight loss medications, although some medications can help with cravings, mood swings, night eating etc. in select individuals. In many cases, you may have a medical condition and already taking medications causing weight gain, to include medications used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, depression and others. If this is the case, we will likely recommend changes, if appropriate, to remove barriers to your weight loss goals. Furthermore, our plan includes mentoring which educates you along the process so that after you’ve reached your goals you’ll have the tools to keep it off, which you may have previously struggled with.

Results Without the Complexity!

There are many different weight loss plans out there, but not like ours. Our focus is to not only give you the weight loss results you need to reach your goals to feel and be healthier, more energetic and active, but also minimize the muscle loss, hunger and complexity that occur with other programs. We do this by providing a science based, high protein, nutritionally sound and delicious meal replacement program for about the cost of your personal food intake currently, not including costs of eating out, and you may be able to use medical savings account funds for physician prescribed plans which may otherwise be lost if unused.


Testimonial: “I have lost 30 pounds and counting on RiteWeigh. The first couple weeks were the hardest, but once you start to see results (which is very quickly), it just motivates you to keep going. I can tell that the program has changed the way I think about food and physical activity. If I ever find myself close to the weight I was, I would definitely do this again. I feel better about my self image and that reduces everyday stress more than I realized. This is the first [diet] that has worked because you are held accountable by someone other than yourself.

-Hannah Schorp

Testimonial: “I would recommend this diet to friends, relatives, and strangers. I firmly believe that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I have lost 34 pounds so far. I will continue on my diet until I have lost down to 150 lbs. I started at 298 lbs. I no longer think of this as a diet. This has enabled me to have a new way of life. I have not lost even 1 lb. in over 20 years. I have tried many diets only to gain weight unfortunately. Dr. Carr and his staff truly care about my journey with the program. I am held accountable…None of the other programs have ever worked for me.

-Annie Weaver

It’s Better To Spend A Little More Than You Want, Than a Little Less Than You Should!

Many people spend more to maintain their cell phone service, cars, homes or the health of their pets than they do on the health of their own bodies, their most valuable asset. Others continue to spend thousands of dollars on medications for conditions caused by excess weight. If any of this describes you, isn’t it time to get real, stop procrastinating and take back your life? Weight loss can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. We have a simple, effective, and convenient solution waiting for you to take action.

Now that you have reviewed the information and the testimonials you won’t be able to get it out of your head. As you go through your activities over the next few days you’ll be asking yourself, “How much is my good health, energy, and appearance worth to me?”…and “How long am I going to put this off? We think you’ll agree, that it’s better to spend a little more than you want for a quality program, than a little less than you should. Commit yourself to starting it for at least 1 month, you’ll love it, your new weight, and the excitement that comes with it! Come in today and invest just a few minutes to review our additional educational material, complete an application, and schedule your initial visit, and then get ready for the exhilarating experience of a new you. In addition to completing your application, click the link below to get your free gift for checking us out.