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Medical weight loss plans, services and treatments are provided at Calallen Medical Clinic by a doctor board certified in obesity and bariatric medicine, in addition to our traditional medical clinic services. To be the best medical clinic, wellness, and health center we believe many will need the option of an experienced physician partnering with you in weight loss and weight maintenance.

For many people the challenge of weight loss and weight maintenance remains frustrating and elusive. Nevertheless, there is no question that excess weight eventually results in major health consequences (Link opens in new window) physically, mentally and perhaps spiritually. This phenomenon may be easily recognized by observing our 80 and 90 year old members of the community where obesity is more difficult to find. The implication here is the average lifespan is greatly shortened by excess weight, not to mention earlier onset of disease, deteriorating quality of life, and increasing health care costs all of which is supported by multiple studies. Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate their health like they should until they start losing it. We want to help you change that future.

The Program

The cornerstone of our program centers around a Low Calorie or Very Low Calorie Diet, with meal plans from 800-1500 calories depending on your special circumstances, using delicious, highly nutritional, and high bioavailable protein meal replacements in the form of shakes, soups, bars, and chips, along with a select menu of grocery foods. At the initial visit we will review your nutrional and medical questionaire with you, perform a physical, EKG, and lab. We will screen for metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, and other medical causes to weight gain. We will also review your medication list for any that may be contributing to your weight gain, and make recommendations accordingly. In addition we will review your nutrition, behavior and exercise patterns and ultimately come up with a weight loss plan to work for your personal needs.

The targeted physiology of the program is to get your body to burn fat as your primary energy source so you lose fat, but retain lean muscle mass and improve your stength and basal metabolic rate. Following the initial start of the program, which may or may not include a medication to assist you if appropriate, you will see a doctor at approximately monthly intervals, or more frequent as necessary, to make any necessary adjustments to keep you losing weight and to monitor your health parameters. Between doctor visits you will see the program staff at approximately weekly intervals for weigh-ins, vitals, log reviews, weekly educational material, coaching and problem solving. This proven process continues during the weight loss phase, until you and the doctor determine it is time to begin phasing new food groups back into your diet. When this happens we will provide you with the new guidance you need to make this transition.

Tax Benefits: The entire cost of your program may be tax-deductible and/or covered by health savings accounts when used for health purposes. Please consult your tax advisor.

Experience, Credentialed, & Certifed

Our practice has a proven, results oriented program, RiteWeigh to Health, to help you lose weight quickly, keep it off safely, and return to a life with vitality which is fundamental in prevention and control of medical problems. Dr. J. J. Carr, is board certified in both Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine, and takes great pleasure in safely weaning people off medications no longer needed after weight loss. Unfortunately, there are many doctors out there without formal training and certification who simply prescibe a pill or supplements but offer nothing in the way of support for long standing weight maintenace. Of course we all have seen the fad diets come and go, some which may work for a period of time, but don’t provide the sustainable tools necessary to maintain the weight loss resulting in the inevitable weight gain. Nor do many of them realize the very medications they are giving for blood pressure, diabetes, depression, allergies etc. are causing the very weight gain they are attempting to treat. The American Board of Obesity Medicine requires its diplomates to have ongoing obesity and weightloss education and training. Whether you choose us to help you or not, make sure your provider has the knowledge to line up all the elements of successful weight loss and has been certified in obesity medicine.

Get it Off & Keep it Off!

Our program not only helps you lose weight, but makes it simple to lose too. Furthermore, we know there are a number of ways in which people can lose weight, and you have probably tried many of them perhaps with some success only to find those pounds creeping back on you. Our program helps you keep it off. Will there be change involved? Of course, afterall if what you were doing was working for you, you wouldn’t be searching for a solution. But, we’ll be there to help you through it, each step of the way. Remember, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

There Is A Plan For Your Future

Our program is primarily geared towards those looking to loose 30-80 pounds or more, but modified plans are available for those with smaller or bigger goals. We have helped and are helping many people just like you.

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Success Stories:

Testimonial: “I lost 63 lbs in less than 8 months. Diet was very simple to follow – just had to make my mind up to do it – one day at a time. It works – it’s a healthy way to loose weight quickly. The ease of the diet – no guessing what you are going to eat or how much – no planning – makes it easy to follow. I have more energy and a New Wardrobe!

-Suzette Thompson

Testimonial: “100 lbs. Not always easy but I found if I messed up that if I got back on program I would lose weight or stay the same. I don’t get as tired as easy. I would recommend this program to a friend or relative because you can lose weight without surgery…Staff were excited with me and encouraging.”

-Mary Alice Miller

Testimonial: “I had over 40 lbs. to lose. I was facing several medical conditions that concerned me and my family. I needed a program that was long term and worked. The program was awesome! Very easy to follow and even when I thought I didn’t do well, turns out I did. I absolutely would do again and again! It is the only program with information that actually made me think and change my eating habits and excercise routine. Very easy to follow but must follow. I feel so much better. I look better and I’m not embarassed to go to a doctor anymore. I feel healthy. Weekly check-ins and encouragement makes you accountable. This system works, its easy, all you have to do is follow it. It’s hard to be strict with yourself but the program is easy and works.

-Jo Ellen Skrobarcek

Testimonial: “I lost 32 pds. and it was simple. I didn’t have to go out of my way to buy fancy foods for my meals, and I wasn’t hungry between meals and snacks. The pep talks from the doctor and staff are very helpful. The information they give you on paper is very helpful also. It lowered my triglycerides and sugar level and my cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Less pain on my joints. No more pain on my ankles. I breath normal now. [With other plans], I’ve tried prescribed diet pills but they never taught me the right way to eat before. I would just eat less but the same junk that was hurting my body and I gained the weight back. Yes, I would recommend RiteWeight to Health, I know it works.

-Rosalinda Oelrich

Testimonial: “I’ve lost 80 lbs. in less than one year. The plan is easy to follow. I learned to identify and deal with bad habits. I learned to say “no” to sugar. The supplements are an easy way to counter the cravings I had for sweets and they are filling. I’m off high blood pressure pills. I’m not diabetic but my A1c dropped and my cholesterol dropped by 50 points and knee and joint pain are gone. I would recommend this program especially if there is some medical problem like high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain. The staff is great! They have been very supportive. This clinic treats the total person and can address specific medical issues.

-Clarissa Johnson

Testimonial: “A friend of mine told me about this program and I watched her for four months to see if it would work and she could stick to it. She DID – so I DID/am doing. RiteWeigh [to Health] has given me an EASY way to take off excessive weight. Due to the weight loss I am able to do the things I enjoy much easier. I have tried other programs – this one is working because of the ease, taste, and the energy I still have.

-Pam Johnson

Testimonial: “I’ve lost 44 pounds in 6 weeks on the program. Eating has become enjoyable. Watching the pounds shed away helps my determination to keep following the program. If I need to do this program again I would most definitely. That being said, I don’t think I would need to because I feel I’ve learned enough to keep eating healthy. I’ve lost weight, have more stamina, more energy, and I have a daily desire to get up and live my life and do things. I would recommend this program to a friend or relative because there is no unachievable goals. It’s easy to follow and the support and knowledge you receive from the staff was a great help. [This is] a program that I could stick to and actually gave me results.

-Jeff Weber

Testimonial: “I lost 41 pounds so far. I would say its simple because there is no guess work or counting calories or measuring. Yes, I would do it again. I would recommend RiteWeight to Health to a friend or relative because it works, I feel better and because of the focus on the medical aspect.


Testimonial: “I have lost 25 lbs. and starting to feel good about it. I have gotten off blood pressure medicine and now have halved the blood sugar medicine so I am very happy. Surgery is not looking as a possibility. It is working and is very easy.

-Donna Bellows

Testimonial: “I have lost 36 pounds and really feel good about the simplicity of the weight loss process. The food replacement is good and the adjustment of my eating regular meals has helped me be more conscious of good foods…and eating correct portions of food. It helps to have someone that you are accountable to, yet they do not lecture you, just encourage you. Yes, I have recommended this program to many friends and relatives.

-Darlene Woerndell

Testimonial: “After only eleven weeks on the program, I have lost 60 pounds. It is a strict program, however the meal plan is structured and planned for the user. I found the program [RiteWeigh to Health] much easier to adhere to than trying to structure one’s own meal plans…I would recommend RiteWeigh to friends and family.

-Massey Rodriguez

Testimonial: “Real simple, I would do it again. Only the 1st week was a little hard. Easy to do and eat at work. No more blood pressure medicine.”

-John Wolfe

Testimonial: “I’ve lost 47 pounds…and it was relatively easy for me. My husband and I supported each other and I like the food. I would do it over again. I can move with more ease. I generally feel better physically. I feel it is an easy program to follow.

-Peggy Evans

Although each of the testimonials above are true there are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary among individuals.

  • Meal replacements and energy balance (Link opens in new window). “Meal replacements, particularly in beverage form, have now evolved as part of the “toolbox” used by researchers and clinicians to achieve negative energy balance.” (Physiol Behav (Link opens in new window). 2010 Apr 26;100(1):90-4. doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2010.02.010. Epub 2010 Mar 1.)

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Body Mass Index or BMI is a currently accepted and widely used measure of a persons degree of obesity. Although not without its flaws it is generally one of the most accepted measures used today.

<18.5 / Thin
18.5-24.9 / Healthy
25-29.9 / Overweight
30-34.9 / Obesity I
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